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A Sustainable Greener Solution For Disinfection.
Reduces Carbon footprint

An Ideal Solution for Disinfection of all SURFACES AND ENVIRONMENT.
One can Disinfect Spaces including Aircraft Cabin, Lavatories, Cockpit, Train Coaches, Hospitals, Hotels and Office Spaces.
It reduces human contact during Disinfection and is a Tested & Certified solution.

  • No use of Any Chemicals

  • No water wastage

  • No plastic use

  • No water toxicity

  • Only Clean Environment


The UVC lamps are strategically placed so as to cover the maximum area providing a uniform and even  spectrum  of UVC light and most importantly preventing any shadow formation 


Certified to kill 100 % of Viruses, Germs and Bacteria using Ultra Violet- C Technology.
Its uniquely designed Robotic Extendable arms are installed with UV-C light.
It can disinfect surfaces where manual sanitisation is not possible.


GSA robotic  UVC device is remotely controlled for the safety of the user and it can disinfect Spaces including Aircraft Cabin, Lavatories, Cockpit, Train Coaches, Hospitals, Hotels and Office Spaces.


It is portable and light. can disinfect tight spaces where manual disinfection is difficult


It is certified and tested to kill all deadly viruses and bacteria  including coronavirus 

Destroys the Nucleic Acid of the Virus, rendering them unable to regenerate further replicas of Viruses.

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Greenskies Aviation Private Limited is a Green Technology Driven company, working towards innovation in the Aviation Industry to reduce the carbon footprint using Environment friendly techniques. 

Our wireless  portable UVC robotic device is the best green solution for disinfection

Under the guidance of related policy-making, Greenskies Aviation is leading the future of the Aviation, Hospitality and Transportation industries.

To challenge the expected Problems in the Future, All Transportation industries must become low-carbon emission producers and green environment oriented, this is where Greenskies Aviation aims to achieve industry-leading growth by continuously developing green solutions for the related Industries.


Mr. Anil Kumar Jain,
Head of Engineering, Air India Express, Trivandrum

"The UVC has given a stunning experience in disinfection process during the pandemic scenario.
Unit has made us to ensure almost all areas inside the a/c is disinfected as the UV rays penetrate to every nook and corner where the access is denied for manual disinfection.
Also this unit has build confidence among us to offer a well disinfected a/c for healthy / safe voyage to flyers".

Dr. Robert Sam,
Senior Scientist, Head of Department, CSIO, Chennai, Govt. of India

"I am writing this to show my and our team's gratitude towards your solid effort in developing such a wonderful product GARUD/ RUDRA Dual A/c as well as Room Disinfectant.
We would like to thank you for your focused thought toward the betterment of society, especially during the pandemic.
Your product is really nice with such Ergonomic, Designed and Developed in an Air-worthy environment".

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