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Why use our Robotic UVC device 

Green solution for 100% disinfection- reduced carbon footprint

An Ideal Solution for Disinfection of all SURFACES AND ENVIRONMENT.
One can Disinfect Spaces including Aircraft Cabin, Lavatories, Cockpit, Train Coaches, Hospitals, Hotels and Office Spaces.
It reduces human contact during Disinfection and is a Tested & Certified solution.

  •  No use of Harmful Chemicals

  • No plastic use

  • No water wastage

  • No water toxicity

Portable and battery operated

The Robotic UVC device  is extremely portable and light. It is a wireless battery operated and can disinfect tight spaces where manual disinfection is difficult.

Remote controlled

For the safety of the user, the Robotic device is controlled using a remote control 

Certified and test method to kill all viruses and bacteria

UVC Robotic device is :

  • Certified and tested by the Indian council of medical research, Chennai (ICMR)

  • Tested and certified by Tanuvas University to kill coronavirus.

  • Tested by the Indian railways' hospital virology department to kill all kinds of viruses and bacteria. 

  • ISO 9001, 13485, 15727, 15858, IEC 60571, EN 14255, EN 170, ROHS, CE.

No by-products and ozone formation

 Robotic UVC Device leaves no harmful byproducts, like chemical disinfectants .

There is no ozone formation.

No health problems 

Robotic UVC device is remote-controlled and hence causes no health problems like cancer, asthma, or eye and skin problems.


Reduces cost of 

  •  Manpower

  • Logistics 

  • Chemicals

  • Electricity

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