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At Greenskies Aviation we lease aircraft for civil and business aviation. We promise our clients a comfortable and unforgettable trip for pleasure or business. We ensure you are at ease from booking with us until you reach your destination. 



Greenskies Aviation is a tech company that specializes in UVC robotics that is used for disinfection in the aerospace industry and railways.

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Boeing 737 and 
A320 type rating 

Greenskies Aviation Pvt Ltd offers the leading course at an unbeatable price.

  • Experienced instructors with over 20 years of training Indian pilots.

  • Utilization of the latest technology, including the CPaT e-learning platform and Level D training devices (VPT & Full Flight Simulators).

  • Special offer for 2023: Online IFR Course with 8 hours of instructor-led training.

  • The package includes access to the CBT e-learning platform.

  • Accommodation and transfer services are provided, with individual apartments assigned to each pilot.

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